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Deny the World [Single]

by Red Horizons

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Thanks to Uncle Dolan for supporting us


released May 30, 2012

Music written by Josh Noble-Astridge and Jak Noble.
Performed, recorded and produced by Red Horizons.

Mixed by Jak Noble

Guest vocals on 'What We Are' by Javiar Castillo-Bardales of Analogies



all rights reserved


Red Horizons Hastings, New Zealand

A Melodic Death Metal project featuring Josh Noble-Astridge (New Zealand), and Jack Noble of Returning We Hear the Larks (England).

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Track Name: Deny the World
From brightest dreams,
Humans drilled down to dead specks in bloodied streams.
Pride relinquished and substituted,
with greed and poverty, driven into acute obsession.

Struck with mirages of illusions,
the lies of freedom in an iron fist kingdom.
Renouncing now, with the final chapters,
a tale of slavery begun so close after the curtain's retraction.

Dreamless rest,
Under seas caved over through frost and ice
Trapped half-alive,
with nothing but the conscience of a broken man.

(Let him breathe,
To gather a voice,
and condemn his own blood.)

Bewildering enchantment.
Spoken words of wild lies
Dancing on black tongues and diseased ears.

(Let him breathe,
To lay his head down,
and accept his sins before dawn of another life)

(Let him breathe,
To deny this world,
To deny the light of the dawn)
Track Name: What We Are [ft. Javiar of Analogies]
Fated onto silence,
left to rot and contemplate everything,
but the emptiness of the cold shells of what we've become.

Empires have crumbled to dust,
content to wait out centuries without action.
This is a promise, to erase and reverse every action
This is a promise, to bleed the imperfections out.

Painting poems writhed from spoilt blood.

Forests begin to lose colour,
as perspectives of the world fade to grey and black.
Skies immolate, launching projections and memories
of days that once were.

Evolved from compassion and understanding,
to walking mountain tracks feeling nothing,
but the burn of self-righteousness
How the days change.
Even stars burn red, seething from our hate.

Time passes through eons,
leaving our pride to be fed upon by the vultures.

Absorbed so far, fallen so deep,
Family canvas complete,
with love and acceptance,
only to be erased to a blank page
with only one simple scribble.

[Vocals: Javiar Castillo-Bardales]
Painting poems writhed from spoilt blood.
Infect the world, bleed it, and bring the flood.

Absorbed so far, fallen so deep,
Family canvas complete,
with love and acceptance,
only to be erased to a blank page
with only one simple scribble.
"This is who we are."

As the rain continues to fall,
My world drowns in water,
Struggling to scream
As my saviour turns around
And walks away with every ounce of hope I ever breathed.

[Bass lead: Jak Noble]